Fashion, Art and Music have always been her long life friends, thanks to the fulfilment she has achieved and every beat of happiness that they gave her. Today Bali Lawal lives with awareness and serenity in a small world that offers value, diversity and inclusion.

When she first arrived in Milan, the world capital of Fashion, times were different as she happened to be the only black young girl among the models. She was never overwhelmed by it, but, rather embraced the diversity. Courage has always been her best companion and friend along the long journey that she faced on the catwalks of Europe, the USA and Africa too.

Bali has always believed in the principles of individuality, shared goal and sacrifice, which she had the privilege to live special moments and experiences with. After 15 years of modelling, Bali decided to attend a general management course at SDA Bocconi to increase and develop her skills, in order to better contribute to this ever-growing diverse world - which is her ultimate calling.

Courage, positivity and joy are the virtues that animate her spirit and mission A Coded World, in which "our flag proudly waves high above the sky“ doing ”what we do best to distinguish our dreams from the reality and to link them with a pinch of magic”.


Born and raised in Cameroon and after a first degree in law and a few years of experience as a model, Yvette moved to Italy at the end of 2012. After obtaining her second degree in Communication Sciences at the University of Trieste, she moved to Paris, where works for a year as PR and Press Office assistant in a communication agency specializing in interior design. From this experience she collaborated with some of the most important Italian design brands such as Flos, Missoni Home and Arflex.

In 2018 she obtained a master degree in integrated communication at the University of Udine and moved to Vicenza, where she worked for about a year in an architectural firm, dealing with communication and public relations. Between his passion for fashion and design, there is also that for international cooperation and volunteering.

In this globalized and at the same time full of borders world, Yvette’s multicultural experience is an added value and is in line with the principles and goals of A Coded World.


Born in Rome with two great passions: the Word and Fashion. Jessica Rose has found the perfect way to combine the two worlds. After graduating in Languages and Literatures for International Business, she developed her passion and talent for foreign languages in the field of conference interpretation / translation and Teaching along with publishing career.

Glamoured by the Beauty in all its expressions and artistry concealed in the world, she’s made her gift for language her forte.

Polyglot Press Office Editor in A Coded World, she believes in the power of Communication and in its different manifestations.


Born and raised in Milan, I’m an Economics student at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. Despite my young age, I have always had a great passion for the luxury and fashion business, so in the future I’d like to work in this field maybe after a master.

I’m an extremely curious and extrovert girl, who loves to take on new challenges. I always try to surround myself with people that can contribute to my personal growth, that’s why I really enjoy team working. I also love to travel and discover new cultures; I think that exploring is the best way to know more yourself and the world that we live in.

Miuccia Prada once said "What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language." and I strongly believe that. I think that fashion is the quickest perception of art and beauty, a tool that everyone has at their disposal to express themselves and their vision of the world.